Sent to you weekly, your training program is simple and easy to follow but will always be challenging. You have options to choose from either at home, the gym or the park.

  • Different Workouts
  • Levels from Easy to Difficult
  • Targets your Specific Goals
  • At Home or in the Gym
  • You choose how hard you work
  • Home or Gym or Outdoor

Body Weight : At home
At home exercises that you can do in a park, lounge room or hotel room

Back To Basics
A mix of Body Weight exercises and some with basic equipment and can be done at the gym or at home

Gym Fitness
A series of gym based circuit workouts that are aimed to keep you moving, increase your fitness and burn up calories to drop body fat

Back To The Gym
A structured gym program using machines and weights for those who want to lift weight and build muscle.

“Food & Exercise needs to be simple, convenient and affordable. The moment you have to think too much or learn too many new things it becomes inconvenient."
- Cam Byrnes

*please note not all features are included in the Basic Weightloss Program

This 12 Week Coaching Program

Has Been Designed for YOU!


Accountability to Cam each week to help keep you on track to reach your goals. Also join the Facebook group where you can share your journey, support and motivate others on the same path as you.

  • Weekly weigh-in and measurements
  • Email Support
  • Facebook Group
  • Share with like minded people
  • Safe environment to support each other
  • Phone Calls (note: with coaching program only)
  • Weekly accountability
  • Group Chats


Every week you receive a food plan with recipes and a shopping list. You have a qualified Nutrition Coach along with Cam to answer any questions.

  • Delivered Weekly
  • Shopping Lists
  • Calorie Calculated
  • Properly Balanced
  • No Crazy Fad Diets
  • Easy Recipes
  • Family Friendly
  • Cheap and Cheerful
  • Maintainable eating
  • Helps restore energy

  • 1200 Calories
  • 1600 Calories
  • 2000 Calories

Renowned Personal Trainer and Coach Cam Byrnes, responsible for many amazing celebrity transformations is giving you a chance to transform yourself with his 12 week online coaching program. Cam has worked hard to create a program that is simple to follow, food that is easy and affordable and exercises to suit level of fitness. From beginners to those seeking the next challenge, this program is for you!

Cam has worked with Spice Girl Mel B, Larry Emdur, Manu Feildel, Luke Jacobz, Steve Menzies, Stan Walker, Jackie O, Todd Woodbridge, Merrick Watts, Leisel Jones and many more. His transformations on the TV show Bringing Sexy Back inspired others to take that step towards a healthier life. 

"The program is the easiest way to transform your body and your life. You won’t regret joining! ”
- Cam Byrnes

Why You Should Join This 12 Week Program!

Starts Monday 28th August


What's different about this program?

  • Accountable to Cam each week for results- no other program does this 
  • Easy food plans to follow  
  • Shopping lists - with everyday food, great for people on a budget 
  • Home style food for all the family to enjoy
  • Never starving or going hungry 
  • Phone calls with Cam (coaching only) 
  • Best weight loss coach in Australia as your support throughout the program
  • No difficult exercises for beginners 
  • Gym exercises for beginners to advanced


  • Would having an eating plan make your life much easier?
  • If you were to lose weight and get fitter would that make you happy?
  • If you had a workout plan to suit your level, would it be easier for you to exercise more frequently?
  • How important is it for you to lose weight, tone up and have more energy?
  • Do you want to change the way your Body looks and feels?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?  Then this program has been designed for you!

How much better would you feel if you were able to finally achieve your weight loss goals, had confidence in yourself and an abundance of energy? If you were eating healthier food and learnt how to better fuel your body so that you did have the energy to tackle each day would that make you a happier person?

If you're ready for change SIGN UP NOW!


Answer Me This...

The 12 week Basic Weightloss Package includes:

  • Weekly Food Plans (with recipes & shopping lists)
  • Weekly Workout Guides with a choice of:
      ~ Bodyweight
      ~ Back to Basics
      ~ Gym Fitness
      ~ Muscle Building
  • Facebook Group (Private)
  • Email Support from Team Members

“I have tried many programs before but never achieved results like this. I feel fitter than I have in years, the food and workouts plans were easy to follow and the best thing was the support from Cam, always happy to motivate and help me along. This program really works, best decision I ever made."
- Mark Heap


The Transformations

“This has been a great experience for me. It’s shown me what’s possible and I’ve learnt so much about food and how your body reacts to it."
- Steve Menzies

“I have done several rounds of Cam's program. The food guide is really easy to follow and the exercise guides are planned around your lifestyle, which for me was doing exercises at home in my comfort zone to start with!"
- Michelle Ivey

“It's funny to think I've always had the time, the inclination, the money and the resources to make this happen, yet I never have. I guess I've just never had the proper motivation, guidance or mindset. You gave me all those missing ingredients to build and to reach a brand-new me."
- Larry Emdur

The 12 week Coaching Package includes:

  • Weekly Food Plans (with recipes & shopping lists)
  • Weekly Workout Guides with a choice of:
      ~ Bodyweight
      ~ Back to Basics
      ~ Gym Fitness
      ~ Muscle Building
  • Facebook Group (Private)
  • Email Support from Cam
  • 3 Phone Calls with Cam
  • Weekly Accountability with Cam
  • Weekly Newsletters delivering New Recipes, Workouts and Motivational Videos


If you are ready to lose weight, feel great and make a difference to your life, sign-up now!

"After completing Cam's program, I'm 10kgs down, and I feel 10 Years younger. Food & Exercise plans are great, support is fantastic, I have completely changed my eating habits for the better Thanks Cam"

- Bec Van Pragg

“Cam’s 12-week program is awesome! I've lost 7kg & I am feeling great. I'm loving all the support from Cam and the meal plans have been great and easy to follow!! Thanks Cam!

Can’t wait to see my end results”

- Luke Fing

“Joining Cams 12-week program has been the best decision I have ever made. The food plan is fantastic and yummy too, and the bonus is my kids love all the meals. I don’t need to cook different meals for the family.

After two rounds I have lost 23 kilos following this program, it has changed my life. I have more confidence and know how to make good food choices. Thank you Cam Byrnes, this is definitely a program I’d recommend”

- Claire Whelan

“Thanks to Cam I have my life back, he has been a huge motivation and believes in me. The program is easy to follow, quick easy meals that’s are delicious, the exercises are suited to your needs. After 7 weeks I’d dropped some weight and had heaps more energy, can’t wait to the end to see how many more goals I can smash out. I would highly recommend this program”

- Felicity Cooke

More transformations

Hey Guys,

I’ve been helping people lose weight and feel great for over 14 years and still love it every day. I have created a program to help as many people as I can become healthy and fit so they can live a long and happy life, looking and feeling the best they can. This program is by far the easiest program to follow. Great 'home cooked' food that you and the whole family will love. The exercises can be done at home for beginners (nothing tricky) or at the gym for those seeking the extra challenge. My job is to keep you accountable each week by getting you to send me your weigh-in and measurements to keep you on track, it’s the key to success. This program is all about support, I keep it simple so that you won’t have any excuses to give up!

See you soon!

Cam Byrnes

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